Helping individuals and couples cultivate self-compassion, presence, and joy.

Welcome! I love supporting others through the many peaks and valleys of the human experience. I am currently accepting new clients for in-person and telehealth therapy; feel free to request a consultation below.


Life, like each of us, contains multitudes. We are all trying our best to cope with life’s nuances and complexities, and sometimes we find ourselves feeling stuck, disconnected from ourselves or our relationships, and/or unsure of how to move forward.

Sometimes we find ourselves feeling stuck or disconnected, losing sight of ourselves, our spirit, and/or our relationships. My approach to therapy is grounded in hope, and the belief that the challenges we face can offer an opportunity to get to know ourselves better and identify what really matters to us.

I strive to offer clients guidance towards true connection with themselves and to foster trust in the inner wisdom we each have. I have a deep respect and curiosity for your unique experience navigating the world and am committed to meeting you where you are. My goal is to help you discover how to relate to yourself with self-compassion, understand yourself and your relationships more deeply, and imagine living with more joy.

Throughout the process of therapy, I will support you by witnessing your full human-ness without judgment, and help you compassionately explore the different parts of yourself so that you can begin to see your life, and life’s possibilities, in a new way. We all have the capacity to grow and change, and growth often happens within the context of supportive human relationships. I believe that everyone deserves a space like this, and I hope to offer one to you.


My approach to therapy is grounded in hope, and the belief that the challenges we face can offer an opportunity to get to know ourselves better and identify what really matters to us. I utilize Attachment & Emotionally Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, eco-therapy, and mindfulness techniques in my work. I am client-focused and curious; I am here to ask questions and provide new ways of thinking, reflect your strengths, and work collaboratively with you in your therapeutic journey.

Individual Therapy for Adults

Individual therapy emphasizes personal growth and healing. Together, we'll create a safe and nurturing space for you to discover your values, explore patterns and family history, navigate challenges and distress, and learn to be with yourself in a new way. My goal is to guide you in the work of knowing and trusting yourself so that you can move through the world in a way that feels uniquely and authentically true to you.


  • Identity exploration and meaning-making
  • Childhood / family-of-origin wounds and traumas
  • Couples & relational challenges
  • Grief, loss, and continuing bonds
  • Career burnout & career change
  • Life transitions
  • Ecotherapy - strengthening nature, place, and animal connections

Couples / Relational Therapy

Couples and relational therapy is a place where you and your partner can better understand yourselves and your relationship. I will gently bring attention to the patterns that define your relationship dynamic, provide space for you and your partner to explore your emotional experiences, and guide you in practicing new ways of communicating with each other. My goal is to support you through addressing conflicts and healing emotional wounds, so that you can navigate life together from a place of deeper connection.

Relational therapy can also be beneficial for other groups of 2+ people who desire to communicate better, understand their patterns, and work on their relationship, such as siblings, business partners, friends, co-parents, and parent and adult child relationships.

Consultation Request

​I offer free 15-minute consultations for new potential clients in Oregon. Please use the contact form to request a consultation or send me an email request. I will follow up to schedule where we can learn more about each other and determine if we are a good fit.