Couples / Relational Therapy

When our sense of communication and connection is “off” in our relationships, we can really suffer. We lose our sense of belonging and can wind up feeling more alone than if we actually were alone. In couples & relational therapy, I work from an Emotionally-Focused Therapy perspective. During sessions, I will draw awareness to your relational pattern - taking time to explore each of your internal, emotional experiences - so that you can practice new ways of responding and relating to yourselves and each other. I will provide space and guidance for processing conflict and emotional wounds, in order to invite mutual vulnerability and strengthen attachment, love, and support within your relationship.

I also work with other configurations of people looking to work on their relationship with one another; this can include siblings, business partners, friends, co-parents, and parent and adult child relationships. Check out this article to read about how couples / relational therapy can benefit other types of relationships.

Fees: $180 per 50 min session for couples / other 2+ people seeking to work on their relationship

$220 per 75 minute session for couples / other 2+ people seeking to work on their relationship

I am currently able to meet via telehealth (Mondays - Thursdays) and in-person (Tuesdays and Thursdays) in SE Portland.

Consultation Request

​I offer free 15-minute consultations for new potential clients in Oregon. Please use the contact form to request a consultation or send me an email request. I will follow up to schedule where we can learn more about each other and determine if we are a good fit.